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Days to Celebrate

Flags and bunting are all about celebrations! Here are some official flag flying days as well as some opportunities to get out the bunting!

1st New Years Day
25th Burns Night
26th Australia Day

Chinese New Year (date varies each year)
6th Her Majesty's Accession
6th New Zealand Waitangi Day
15th National Flag Day Canada
19th Birthday of The Duke of York

1st St. David's Day
2nd Mon Commonwealth Day
5th St Pirans Day (Cornwall)
10th Birthday of The Earl of Wessex
14th Sikh New Year
17th St. Patrick's Day
25th Greek Independence Day

14th Sikh Vasakhi
21st Birthday of Her Majesty The Queen
23rd St. George's Day

8th Israeli Independence Day
9th Europe Day
17th Norwegian Constitution Day

2nd Coronation Day (Official Celebration of Her Majesty The Queen's Birthday)
10th Birthday of The Duke of Edinburgh
10th Portugal National Day
11th FIFA World Cup Starts
14th Sussex Flag Day
20th Flag Day Argentina
21st Birthday of The Prince William
21st Shetland Flag Day

1st Canadian Dominion Day
4th USA Independence Day
14th Bastille Day

1st Yorkshire Day
2nd-9th Cowes Week
15th Birthday of The Princess Royal
15th Indian Independence

First Monday US Labor Day
3rd Flag Day Australia
15th Birthday of The Prince Harry
16th Owain Glyndwr Day
16th Mexican Independence Day
22nd Derbyshire Day
26th European Language Day

1st National Day of the People's Republic of China
1st Lincolnshire Day
12th Spanish National Day
21st Trafalgar Day
24th United Nations Day
28th Diwali
31st Halloween

Second Sunday Remembrance Day (flags should be flown at half mast)
14th Birthday of The Prince of Wales
20th Her Majesty's Wedding Anniversary
20th St Edmund's Day
27th Lancashire Day
4th Thursday Thanksgiving (US)
30th St. Andrew's Day