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Which flag size should I choose for a flag pole?

All our flags are available in 5'x3' (152cm x 90cm). We would suggest this size for flying on a flag pole or as a wrap around to take to sporting events. It is also perfect for displaying at events, and decorating venues and themed parties.

3'x2' (60cm x 90cm) are ideal where space may be more limited or when a very large number of flags are being displayed. They are also effective where multiple flags are being flown on the same flag pole.

Giant size 8'x5' (244cm x 152cm) flags are suitable as coffin drapes as they envelop the complete coffin. They are also the first choice for large wall displays. We dont't recommend this size flag is flown on flag poles, unless extremely briefly, as the weight of fabric creates undue pressue on the eyelets.

You can make the selection of size you require at the time of adding the flag to your basket.